Devlin - Watchtower Ft Ed Sheeran

Devlin - Watchtower Ft Ed Sheeran -

There must be some way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
There’s too much confusion here
mmm I can’t get no relief

Yeah I see..on my left..upon my right
define me in the middle with the..
before my name is starting tripping in the..
for I'm..showing signs who the tributes in..
in the pitch block is fill you cold the moon alone
take me back to the roads..the rooms
took the hair with no..
take the cab to my mother's house
tell my brother I love him
and give me something I would see him through the hard times
what's the bubble for
when I'm sick of this life I've seen
it has to be my family you lift me up the floor
makes..the madness in a world full of money
I was a prime..say you're..for the one tripping

And all alone the watchtower
it says kept the view
why all the..came the first 72
I found in the whole distance
a wild..
too wild is world approaching
and the wind it gets out

Poor more blood in your cup
take a seat for taste spot saving the boss
the flavor of a new man of nature
the linger is on..of us
tryin to find for the..
was someone ever know the..
I don't think I'll never win
when I die I hope the lovers at my side
there's no trap door the eye closed
and see..see yours
I think that will be the same source
someone else someone alive
apart from the facts that my life
and now I'm trapped in it
and now I feel in a few years..
do I have a couple kids and just forget I have a road..


Take away the treasure of a man
convinced I ain't in his homes malefic, superstitious
maybe the reason promised land
but while I make you or not a different mountain
I've been a joker, I've been a thief, I've been a rapper
I'll be the only enemy that I could never be
give me a piece of mind


Check check
hands up hands up

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