michelle - you mean the world to me

There once was a day
that I didn't see
your trying lose me
now that say you don't
want me no more
I feel like I'm getting
lost in the dark
and I'll never come out
it honestly seems like you
don't want to see me no more
and I love the fact that you
say you'll by side forever
and as long as you live
but it seems like you want to lose
me and you don't want me in your life no
and I think that is why I didn't want
to talk to you tonight
I am afraid to you when were getting
so much farther apart I know you can't see
it but I can and I don't ever want to lose
you because your favorite thing in my life
and you mean the world to me

you mean the world to me(x3)

Thanks to lucinda

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