Jay Brannan - Housewife

Jay Brannan - Housewife -

(Music and Lyrics by Jay Brannan) Two bodies pressed together two boys are falling hard the smell of sweat and leather a kinky greeting card crazy about each other we both have fucked up pasts but when we are together we have a fucking blast chorus i wanna be a housewife what’s so wrong with that i wanna be a housewife, yeah and that’s just where i’m at i’m making guacamole he’s working on the car when he grills turkey burgers he knows i like them charred i like to wash the dishes i like to scrub the floors don’t mind doing his laundry what are boyfriends for chorus i wanna have his baby i wanna wear his ring he drives me fuckin crazy i am his everything chorus 2nd chorus i wanna be a housewife what’s so wrong with that can’t wait ‘til he’s in my life, yeah cuz we haven’t met we haven’t met yet… we haven’t met yet… © 2002 Great Depression Publishing (BMI)

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