Radiohead - 4 Minute Warning

Radiohead - 4 Minute Warning -

This is just a nightmare But soon I'm going to wake up Someone's gonna bring me around Hiding from the bombers Wading through the fields Running in the half light Running to ???? Just like everybody Could ???? Running through the underground And this is your warning 4 minute warning I don't wanna hear it I don't wanna grow old I just wanna run and hide Now I'm in a nightmare But soon I'm gonna wake up Someone's gonna bring me 'round This is your warning 4 minute warning

Acerca de 4 Minute Warning

Thom and Stanley have had a long-lasting fascination with nuclear fallout, and one of the earliest documents of this obsession is the artwork for the Karma Police single,

The song was around during the sessions for Kid A already, and was mentioned three times in Ed's Diary under two early titles. 'Neil Young *9' was a title made up by Ed for the otherwise untitled song, and was replaced when Thom titled it 'Bombers' around late 1999.

The song was premiered live on may 6th 2006 in Copenhagen. It seems like the band had already settled on the title '4 Minute Warning' at this point, at least that's how Thom announces it. After playing this debut Thom mentions that the arrangement is still "sketchy", and in fact the band's insecurity about it is well reflected in the fact that Thom stops the song after the first verse to ask if it's alright...

Often Thom would vary the lyrics in the second and third verse. The other lyrics of the song were unchanged throughout the tours. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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