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Madonna - Deeper and Deeper -

Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper Sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter Chorus: I can't help falling in love I fall deeper and deeper the further I go Kisses sent from heaven above They get sweeter and sweeter the more that I know When you know the notes to sing You can sing most anything That's what my mama told me Round and round and round you go When you find love you'll always know I let my father mold me Bridge: Daddy couldn't be all wrong [Not gonna let you slip away, I'm gonna be there] And my mama made me learn this song [You're gonna bring your love to me, I'm gonna get you] That's why (chorus) The deeper I go All is fair in love she said Think with your heart, not with your head That's what my mama told me All the little things you do Will end up coming back to you I let my father mold me (bridge) (chorus, repeat) Someone said that romance was dead And I believed it instead of remembering What my mama told me Let my father mold me Then you tried to hold me You remind me what they said This feeling inside I can't explain But my love is alive And I'm never gonna hide it again (bridge) (chorus) Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper Never gonna hide it again Sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter Never gonna have to pretend (repeat) You got to just let your body move to the music You got to just let your body go with the flow Falling in love, falling in love, falling in love I can't keep from falling in love with you You know there's nothing better that I'd like to do

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"Deeper and Deeper" is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna from her fifth studio album Erotica. The song was released as the album's second single by Maverick Records. The song was written by Madonna, Shep Pettibone and Anthony Shmikin. It was produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone and received generally favorable reviews from music critics at the time of its release. The song's accompanying music video received mixed reviews from both fans and critics alike, with some proclaiming it Madonna's most intriguing music video. "Deeper and Deeper" was released as the second official single from the album. It also appeared on her 2001 compilation album GHV2 in a shorter edit form.

"Deeper and Deeper" is a dance-oriented song. It also features other musical structures such as the use of acoustic guitars, with some Spanish, flamenco style lead and the use of castanet beats in the song's bridge. The song has been described by critics as "Pure Disco". Lyrically the song is a metaphor about a boy coming to accept his homosexuality. The song also shares similarities with Madonna's previous 1990 hit "Vogue" and also features a reference to "Vogue" towards the ending part of the song (the lyrics "You got to just let your body move to the music/you got to just let your body go with the flow" are taken from "Vogue"). There's also a reference to the song "Do-Re-Mi" from the musical The Sound of Music in the line "When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything". The song received generally positive reviews from Music critics, who complimented the song's refreshing dance oriented nature, in contrast to the previous single, the sexually explicit Erotica, and called it one of Madonna's strongest disco-oriented songs.

"Deeper and Deeper" achieved success worldwide, reaching number one in Italy, the top 10 in most countries and peaked higher than the lead single in Canada and France, but failed to have as big an impact as her previous singles. In the United States, the song peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent a total of 17 weeks on the chart. It topped the Hot Dance Club Play chart and also reached number two on the U.S. Pop Chart. On the Billboard Hot 100 year-end chart it came in the number 66 position. In Canada, it peaked at number two on the Canadian Singles Chart.

In Europe, "Deeper and "Deeper" reached number one in Italy (her second number one single from the album), the top 10 in Belgium, Ireland and the UK, and also became the only top 20 hit from Erotica in France, reaching number 9 in the European Hot 100 Singles. It debuted at number ten on the UK Singles Chart and peaked at number six in its second week, spending a total of nine weeks in the chart, seven of which were in the top 40. It was her first record to miss the UK top five since "The Look of Love" in 1987. As of 2008, "Deeper and Deeper" has sold over 136,800 copies in the United Kingdom. It became Madonna's 21st top 10 hit in New Zealand, and almost broke into the top 10 in Australia, peaking at number 11.
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