Violator es una banda Brasileña de Thrash Metal creada en el 2002 por Pedro Arcanjo, Pedro Agusto y David Araya. Tras 6 años haciendo de bajo perfil, la banda ficha por la discográfica brasileña Kill Again Records y saca su primer album de estudio "Chemical Assault", tratando de devolver ese poder que caracterizaba al Thrash en los años 80. Han sacado un demo,un EP y dos álbums Full Length en los cuales queda reflejada la gran influencia de bandas como Exodus, Vio-lence, etcétera. Read more about Violator on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

Videos de Violator

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Letras de Canciones de Violator

Violator - After Nuclear Devastation

In a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. A wasted land. Cities of pipe and steel. Gone now, Swept away.

Violator - The Plague Returns

Crushed and hit by An unexpected force A vital part of the pestilence Was ripped off Pleasure to kill,…

Violator - Lethal Injection

Justice must be blind Closed eyes to the massacre Death and sorrow everyday Judge hammer is in your face They will…

Violator - Toxic Death

Wake up! Missiles are crossing the sky You never thought this day would really come Better seek shelter in hell…

Violator - Brainwash Possession

In a long time You have walk these streets with pride Claiming to be the one But it was always a matter…

Violator - Addicted To Mosh

Attack! Thrashers return to this city To bring back all the insanity That has been lost through the time But…

Violator - UxFxTx

Waking day by day You see your life passing away Nothing seems worth to fight Nothing to loose, 'Cause you're…

Violator - Atomic Nightmare

In a world built by greed Politicians rules with fear Bombs terrorize human kind Imminent annihilation Brings our dreams to devastation

Violator - Destined To Die

Misery scatters in the cities Fascists wishes blood spill Hired to exterminate Feeling like a justice angel, Washing…