Deep Puddle Dynamics

Deep Puddle Dynamics


Deep Puddle Dynamics fue una colaboración entre Sole, Alias, Doseone y SLuG. En 1999 lanzaron un disco, "The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel" en el sello anticon. Deep Puddle Dynamics on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

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Letras de Canciones de Deep Puddle Dynamics


[Slug:] I'll take seven emcees, put ‘em in a line Shoot ‘em and sell their clothes to get my wisdom teeth pulled From here on…

DEEP PUDDLE DYNAMICS - Where The Wild Things Are

[Dose One] You, don't know what happens when, (I) close the door And furniture comes warm, out to greet me, look Showing with pride, daze,…

DEEP PUDDLE DYNAMICS - The Scarecrow Speaks

[Sole] Okay everyone put away your boyish desires Your buoyant sighs Your rolling eyes Your lust for roll and rock Your lust for getting rocks…

DEEP PUDDLE DYNAMICS - I Am Hip Hop (Move The Crowd)

[Sole ] Well its 7:45 oh yeah we'll see who's the bigger man Other dead men walking 4:00p.m. I heard a dead man talking He…


[Slug] Where those two walls and that ceiling meet Where you'll be peeling me from when the dreams become abilities The trilogy of growth, I'm…